Warranty Policy

Rockwood Furniture KL Sdn Bhd offers a limited warranty on our products against defects in materials and workmanship for a specific period from the date of purchase.

This warranty only covers normal household use. Commercial or institutional use is strictly not covered. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from exposure to extremes in temperature or humidity, neglect, accidental wear and tear, unauthorised repair, abuse or misuse of the product.The colour of products are vary when seen online, Rockwood Furniture KL Sdn Bhd will not accept any return or issue credit if the purchaser is not satisfied with the product colour or woodgrain or similar.

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the product, or providing product of equivalent type and quality if a replacement is unavailable. Repair or replacement shall be authorised only when it is proven by the customer service representative that the product is malfunctioning due to manufacturing defects. Photos of the defective product must be submitted to Rockwood Furniture KL Sdn Bhd any repair, replacement or credit to be authorised.

The warranty does not include transportation. The customer is responsible for the transportation of the goods to our workshop.

This is a limited warranty and specifically excludes liability for consequential property or commercial damages. Rockwood Furniture KL Sdn Bhd is not liable for alleged or actual injury, death, or damage arising from negligence or misconduct by purchaser or dealer. Additionally any claims from the purchaser must be made by contacting Rockwood Furniture KL Sdn Bhd directly.

Warranty Period:

The standard warranty for new Rockwood Furniture KL Sdn Bhd products is 12 months from the date of goods purchased. If items are left with Rockwood Furniture Sdn Bhd for storage the warranty period will start as soon as the storage begins.

The standard warranty period for pre-owned products is 3 months from the date of goods received.

Items marked and sold as Damaged Goods or Factory Seconds are sold as-is and have no warranty period.