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Finishing Options: Wax

Furniture Wax comes in a number of different options but we generally use a furniture/floor wax.

Furniture wax can be applied directly to raw timber or applied over the top of existing finishes like paint or varnish to protect older pieces.

As teak has its own oils that protect it, there is no specific need to wax teak furniture but it does help protect a little from scratches and marks and stains.

Possibly the biggest advantage of wax is that it is very easy to refinish a small section without having to completely refinish a piece of furniture. A stain on a dining table can be removed and the section rewaxed in a matter of minutes, as opposed to varnish or lacquer which would need to be completely refinished.

For this reason we regularly recommend wax (and oil) finishing for furniture that gets a lot of use like dining tables and coffee tables.

Most people select a wax finish for it aesthetics and relatively easy maintenance.

Pros: relatively cheap and easy to apply and maintain. Has a very natural look and feel.

Cons: not as stain or water resistant as varnish or lacquer.