Finishing Options: Raw

We have 5 standard finishing options; raw, wax, oil, varnish and lacquer. Each has its own strengths and weakness so we'll do a post for each to try to show what they look like and what are the pros and cons of each.

Raw means we just sand and clean and (if requested) buff the piece and that's it. We leave the teak raw.

Teak has its own oils that protect it from pests and the elements so you don't actually need any coating to protect it.

If you leave it raw, teak will age according to its environment. If it gets a lot of sun it will fade to grey. If it gets stained it will show the marks.

But teak is generally pretty easy to restore as the discoloration is usually only at the surface. So with some sanding the grey colour or stains will be removed.

As teak is a natural fibre, there can be some colour and shade differences from one piece to another due to age and general differences from one tree to another.

Pros: cheaper to buy, lots of natural character, doesn't show scratches easily

Cons: stains easier, may not have a uniform colour or match colours of other pieces