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Finishing Options: Oil

As with wax, there are numerous options for oil with teak. The most common are teak oil, lemon/orange oil, linseed oil and food grade mineral oil.

We do not use (or recommend) teak oil as it is not actually made of teak oil and has a tendency to hamper teak's natural oils.

Lemon or Orange oil tend to darken teak in the initial weeks and months and then go lighter over time. So for a more consistent finish we avoid these oils too.

Linseed oil, in our experience, gives a more even look to the wood over time as it doesn't change colour as much as other oils.

And we use food grade mineral oil on any of our products that will come into contact with food.

Oil, like wax, is predominantly an aesthetic decision. Teak doesn't need the oil for conditioning or protection, although linseed oil is slightly stain and water resistant.

Also, as with wax, oil is very easy to refinish in small sections this saving hours and a lot of money when it comes time to remove the inevitable stains.

Pros: cheap and easy to maintain. And has a very natural look and feel.

Cons: not as stain or water resistant as varnish or lacquer.