How do I take care of teak?

Teak is an extremely durable timber so for indoor use it doesn't need any specific care in order to preserve it. For outdoor use we recommend using a high quality UV protective varnish and re-varnishing when the old varnish starts to degrade. This could be every few years or longer.

Other care related to teak homewares and furniture primarily relate to the aesthetics of the piece.

Wax and Oil will dry and degrade over a shorter period than Varnish and Lacquer so if you want to keep these items looking like new you will need to clean (with soapy water), sand and reapply Wax or Oil as per your personal preference. Varnish and Lacquer take more work to restore and usually need to be removed completely before applying a new coat.

Stains and scratches are usually easy to remove with some light sanding and then depending on the finish, you will need to either reapply wax/oil, or remove the coating all together and reapply varnish/lacquer.

In general we do not recommend using any furniture polish (especially ones with oils) as this could affect the finish of the piece. We recommend cleaning with soapy water and that is all.